3000mg Signature Blend Full Spectrum CBD Tincture


  • 1oz (30ml)
  • THC: ~0.01%
  • CBD: ~3,000 mg
  • Price per 1 bottle
  • Lab Results

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The golden distillate winterized CO2 extracted oil is back in stock! It underwent an advanced distillation process called “winterization,” which filters out lipids and waxes while retaining fragile terpenes.

Our full-spectrum 3000 mg tincture is manufactured and formulated in-house. It contains twice the potency that the 1500 mg option does. In other words, you’ll get twice the amount in each serving. We will begin with the full-spectrum CO2 winterized hemp extract, which is decarboxylated. It is then integrated with coconut oil that is fractionated.

Each dose of 1 mL will deliver 100 mg worth of CBD.

A potency of 3000 mg is incredibly high. You will feel it immediately after taking a dose. Be careful, though – it is quite strong!

3000mg Dropper


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