Real CBD – Hemp Extract Tincture (1oz, 2800mg CBD)


  • 1oz (30ml)
  • THC: ~0.01%
  • CBD: ~2,800 mg
  • Price per 1 bottle
  • Lab Results

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Certified organic MCT oil (coconut), organic hemp extract, cinnamon oil, organic terpenes.

Since most CBD tinctures have a starting dosage level of 300 to 500 mg, a hemp extract dose of 2800 mg would be regarded as “extra strength.” For some users, a more potent hemp extract volume is worthwhile to expedite its healing benefits.

Quality CBD Tinctures

The tincture selections offered by Real CBD cover a wide spectrum. Our hemp extracts are not made with any unnatural ingredients or artificial flavors. Rather, they are produced from a proprietary combination of cannabinoids obtained from industrial hemp, which is grown domestically. Maintaining an all-natural product line is something we take seriously, and as such, only natural flavors are used. We evaluate each raw material before they are used to make our products. We then assess the quality of each tincture, post-production.

Because natural hemp is the primary ingredient of our tincture, you won’t experience any intoxicating effects from them- there is no more than 0.3% THC in industrial hemp.


Hemp extract on its own is not flavorful – if anything, it tastes like dirt and grass. Real CBD rectifies this – after all, you shouldn’t have to put up with a foul taste of a product to experience its benefits.

We have several delicious flavors to choose from, allowing you to enjoy a daily dose of hemp extract either by itself or with your favorite drink or food!

Instructions for Tincture Use

The bottle should be shaken first. Prior to removal of the dropper top, fill the dropper by squeezing its head. Drop some oil beneath your tongue, then hold it there for up to 120 seconds. Optimal absorption of the oil will be achieved the longer you can keep it beneath your tongue. In doing so, the substance can be absorbed by your capillaries.

If you prefer to add the hemp extract to a drink, you can follow the instructions above, but drop the oil into your beverage rather than under your tongue. Don’t forget to stir the substance into the drink of your choice!

Is there a particular recipe you use for your tincture consumption? Share it on our blog for CBD recipes!

Note: our hemp extract should not be used by lactating or pregnant women. Speak with a medical professional prior to changing your diet or usage of any unfamiliar product. Real CBD’s products are not developed to prevent, cure, treat, or diagnose any disease. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has not evaluated these statements.

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Cinnamon, Natural, Peppermint, Vanilla


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